* We are not a butcher shop! * We do not have any retail meat for sale! * We don't process/butcher any fish or poultry!

Deer Processing in Montrose, PA

The butchers at Demarest Meat Plant LLC in Montrose, PA provide top-grade processing for deer meat. We have years of experience in butchering recent kills into delicious cuts of meat that stay fresh for you to enjoy. Our family-owned and operated slaughterhouse has processed deer for countless numbers of customers throughout the Southern Tier of NY and Susquehanna, Bradford, Wayne and Wyoming Counties in PA.

When hunting season arrives, you’ll need someone to butcher and process your game just the way you like it. At Demarest Meat Plant LLC, you can drop off your kills, specify the cuts you want and let us take care of the messy work. When we’re done, you’ll have perfect cuts of venison that you’ll be sure to enjoy, whether you want:

  • Sausage
  • Minute Steaks
  • Kielbasa
  • Salami
  • Bologna
  • Pepperoni
  • Slim Jims
  • Bacon
  • Jerky
  • Smoked Meat
Deer Processing

We can even vacuum-pack your venison or cape out your deer for mounting! Our butchers can process any deer you bring in, including white-tailed deer, fallow deer, red stags and mule deer. No matter what kind of deer you bring in, we’ll handle your kills with expert care so you can be fully satisfied with the results.

Deer Processing Pricing

  • Cut, Vacuum-packed and Frozen $80
  • Caped Out for Mounting$25
  • Add Pork $2.50/lb.
  • Sausage Spices (Hot, Sweet, Breakfast) $4
  • Minute Steaks $5/leg
  • Venison Kielbasa $4.00/lb.
  • Venison Kielbasa with Cheese & Jalapeno $4.50/lb.
  • Venison Salami (5lb Tube Minimum) $4.50/lb.
  • Venison Jerky $25/leg
  • Venison Smoked Hind Quarters – Cut into Steaks $15/leg
  • Venison Smoked Hind Quarters – Whole $12/leg
  • Venison Smoked Hind Quarters – Chipped $20/leg
  • Venison Summer Sausage (5lb Tube Minimum) $4.50/lb.
  • Venison Summer Sausage with Cheese (5lb Tube Minimum) $4.50/lb.
  • Venison Bologna (10lb Tube Minimum) $4.50/lb.
  • Venison Pepperoni (5lb Tube Minimum) $4.50/lb.
  • Venison Slim Jims $5.00/lb.
  • Venison Slim Jims with Cheese $5.00/lb.
  • Venison Teriyaki Slim Jims $5.00/lb.
  • Venison Bacon (5lb Tube Minimum) $4.50/lb.

* Weight on above smoked products will double when processed

* Prices based on finished weight (what you take home)

Here’s what some of our customers have had to say about our service!

"Anyone want a great place to get your deer, cows or pigs cut up these guys are great and they’re friends of mine!!!"
– Rusty B.

"I used Demarest Meat Plant LLC recently to have lambs and goats processed. I was pleased at how clean the facility was. The product is vacuum sealed, labeled well, with a nice presentation. Steven, the owner, is helpful at adjusting the size of the packaging, to accommodate your family's needs. I would recommend Demarest Meat Plant LLC."
- Mike Swartley - Friendsville PA

"I recently used the Demarest Meat Plant LLC to process a side of beef that I had purchased. I was sharing the meat with two of my married children and their families. Steve the owner was very helpful in advising us on the best way to make the cuts due to the fact that the needs were different for all three of us. He was very accommodating and knowledgeable in everything from aging the meat, to cuts that would accomplish our requests as well as packaging. The meat was clean and vacuum sealed and was ready on time. Also we had priced other butchers in the area and the boys at Demarest Meat Plant LLC were very competitively priced. I would highly recommend them for any of your meat processing needs."
- Bob Anderson, Brackney Pa.

To schedule drop-off for your deer, call 570-553-1650.