* We are not a butcher shop! * We do not have any retail meat for sale! * We don't process/butcher any fish or poultry!

Wild Game Processing in Montrose, PA

If you need your wild game processed, count on the butchers at Demarest Meat Plant LLC. Located in Montrose, PA, our family-owned and operated slaughterhouse has processed the finest cuts of smoked meat from wild game for customers throughout the Southern Tier of NY and Susquehanna, Bradford, Wayne and Wyoming Counties in PA since 2011.

At Demarest Meat Plant LLC, we understand the importance of getting fresh, high-quality cuts of meat from your recently killed game, which is why we’re committed to butchering and processing your wild game how you like it. You can drop off your game, tell us how you want it processed and we’ll handle all the hard work so you can enjoy your meat as soon as possible.

Meat Cooler
Meat Cooler

We custom butcher:

  • Bear
  • Elk
  • Caribou
  • Wild Boar/Pig
  • And more!
Cutting Up Meat
Meat Cooler
Meat Cooler
Cutting up Meat
Wild Game


Wild Game Processing Pricing

During rifle season in PA, you can also participate in our Big Buck Contest! Just bring in the biggest buck you can bag to Demarest Meat Plant LLC for processing and you could win even bigger bucks!

First Prize: $100 and free butchering of your prized deer
Second Prize: $50
Third Prize: $25


Here’s what some of our customers have had to say about our service!

"We got our meat back from the The Demarest Meat Plant LLC, great job guys, everything is awesome, especially those Slim Jims and kielbasa."
– Penny H.

"The Demarest Meat Plant LLC is a locally owned business which employs local workers and serves its community. The plant is clean and has used reclaimed building materials to outfit its needs. We have been very pleased with the customer service, friendliness, and quality we have received there. The packaging is labeled well and holds up excellent in the freezer. We use the Demarest Meat Plant LLC for our butchering needs and will continue to do so. Steven, the owner, is wonderful to work with and educates us as we go through the process."
- Brett Bixby - Executive Pastor
- Bridgewater Church

"A big THANK YOU to you Steven and to your dad. I went to visit your plant today and was very impressed with the help you offered. Thank you for the information of the possibility of getting grass feed beef, as well as goat meat and pork. I am confident you will do well."
– Diana I.

To schedule drop-off for your wild game, call 570-553-1650.





M - F: 9am - 5pm
Sat: 9am - 12pm

Hours During PA Rifle Season:
M - S: 8am - 8pm
Sun: 8am - 12pm

Payment Methods

We accept Cash and Check

Areas Served

We serve Susquehanna, Bradford, Wayne and Wyoming counties in PA and the Southern Tier of NY.